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Anthony (Tony) Stafford
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Director / Independent Distributor
For DRI WASH 'n GUARD Products
DriWashCity Welcomes You to the Business Opportunity
In the "City of Dreams" There is Simply More Opportunity

The Dri Wash 'n Guard Opportunity

In an effort to make it easy to learn about the DWG International business opportunity and the City of Dreams, I have put together a series of simple web presentation for you. It is my recommendation that you follow this multi step presentation path but this could take some time to complete. Feel free to skip any presentation that have already viewed or you believe that you have knowledge about. As you go through these presentations you might view them with an eye to how you could use them if you decide to become a distributor. These presentaitons are here to help you make an informed decision and to help others that you might bring to the City of Dreams to make an informed decision also.

If you would like to talk to me any time along the presentation path or before you start, you can reach me on my toll free number at 877-606-8032.

Please begin with the overview and follow all of the steps to step 9. Step 10 is optional and will take you to the kick the tire information at the end of this page. Thanks for listening and I am looking forward to speaking with you shortly.

Tony Stafford

Important!!! Each step will pop up a new window. After completing the step, close the window and select the next step to view.
Overview and Introduction. Narrated by Tony Stafford
5 minutes 17 seconds
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"Champions of Industry" Video. Narrated by Pat Summerall and Chris Everette. 7 minutes 12 seconds

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DWG International Business Briefing. Narrated by Tony Stafford. 32 minutes 35 seconds
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"Brilliant Compensations." Narated by Tim Sales and Charles King.
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"The Wisest Investment." What is the "Wisest Investment" to achieve the "American Dream" of financial and time freedom? Let’s take a look and see for yourself.
7 minutes 57 seconds

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The Five Types of Distributors. Narrated by Tony Stafford. Which type of distributor are you or want to be?
19 minutes 36 seconds
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The Quick Start Directors program. Narrated by Tony Stafford. Learn how to get to the top of the compensate plan for as little as $16250. How do you want to get started?
7 minutes 51 seconds
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Summary. Narrated by Tony Stafford.
2 minutes 38 seconds
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Sign-up to become a DWG International distributor and start making your dreams come true in the "City of Dreams"

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Click Here to Get a Printable Form to FAX in to 702-262-5550

Some of you might like to read more information about the "City of Dreams" organization. If so >>>>>>>>>> Click Here to go to the "Kick the Tire Information"

Kick the Tire Information:

If you want to Kick the Tires a bit by reading company material and learning about the Stafford organization, select the documents below and enjoy the journey.

Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 1: 1-Editor's Message, 1-Winners of the Recruiting Contest, 2-Its as Easy as Childs Play, Thanks You Card, 2-Its as Easy as Childs Play, New Distributor, 2-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 2-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 3-Confirmation Card, 3-New Recruiting Tool, 4-Using the Web Site to Bring in New Distributors, 4-Holiday Gifts, 4-Book of the Month Club, 4-Special Thanks, October 2004 Download
Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1: 1-Editor's Message, 1-Surprise Inside, 1-High Profile Table Team, 2-New “City of Dreams” Leadership Call, 2-Free Referral, Program, 2-Special Thanks, 3-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 3-Prepare to be Wowed!!!, 4-8 Leaders Corner, 9+ DWG Announcements. 1.2M, December 2003 Download
Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1: 1-Editor's Message, 1-Special Thanks, 1-December Specials, 2-Annual Renewals, 2-Free Referral Program, 3-5 Dollars Per Month Web Pages, 3-What Business Are You In???, 4-Leaders Corner, 7-Holiday Special Flyer. 423K, December 2002, Download
Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3: 1-All Aboard, 1-Power Blast for the Home, 1-Editors Message, 2-Leaders Corner, 4-What Business Are You In???," 4-Returning Directors Program, 5-Up Coming Events, 6-DWG Divisional Coordinators. 155K, December 2001 Download
Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2: 1-All Aboard, 2-Editors Message, 3-Leaders Corner, Wayne Rollins, 4-A call to Leadership, 5-What's in a Sample, 6-Returning Director Program, 7-Up Coming Events, 8-DWGI Messages. 152K,September 2001 Download
Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1: 1-All Aboard, 2-Leaders Corner, 3-"Simply the Best," 4-Knowing Your Distributor's Goals, 5-Communication For Success, 6-Could You Be Convicted, 7-Up Coming Events, 8-DWGI Messages. 154K, May 2001 Download
Distributor Application, 91K Download
Distributor Application - French (Français), 99K Download
Stafford All Product Brochure, 124K Download
DWGI Product Order Form, 49K Download
U.S. Product Price List, 61K Download
Canadian Product Price List, 58K Download
French Canadian Product Price List, 71K Download
Compensation Plan, 63K Download

To download a Distributor Application and other documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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