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If you would prefer to order DRI WASH 'n GUARD Products by phone!!! Call 877-606-8032
Mon-Sat 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST
Anthony (Tony) Stafford
PIN# 4455

Director / Independent Distributor
For DRI WASH 'n GUARD Products
E-mail: driwash@aadnet.com  
Welcome to DriWashCity Customer and Distributor Forms
Stafford All Product Brochure, 131K Download
Stafford Retail Order Form, 41K Download
Stafford Distributor Application, 197K Download
Distributor Application, 238K Download
Distributor Application - French (Français), 99K Download
DWGI Product Order Form, 49K Download
U.S. Product Price List, 253K Download
Canadian Product Price List, 103K Download
French Canadian Product Price List, 106K Download
Compensation Plan, 298K Download
Compensation Plan - French (Français), 81K Download
Las Vegas Conference Registration Form, 215K Download
Monthly Auto Ship, 122K Download
Monthly Auto Ship - French (Français), 133K Download
U.S. Voice Mail, 410K Download
Canada Voice Mail, 413K Download
Canadian Business Card Order Form, 82K Download
Canadian Car Sign Order Form, 85K Download
Director Certification Form, 67K Download
Manager Certification Form, 68K Download
Ongoing Leadership Training, 122K Download
International Director School Registrationg, 109K Download
Herb Marks Labels, HLM Download
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