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Welcome to the DriWashCity ULTRA-ION™ Training Page

The Greatest New Automotive Care Product in the World Today!!!
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Hello everyone from DriWashCity and the City of Dreams. this web page is dedicated to a better understanding of this incredible new product, ULTRA-ION™. DWG International in 2003 is committed to making everyone as successful in the Dri Wash business as they want to be. To that end, they created a fantastic new product called ULTRA-ION™ and many new support tool this year.

The product is based on INOIC technology to work best with the paint jobs of the 21st century. I can spend a lot of time telling you about it but you would get a lot more out of viewing and listing to a number of teleconference I have recorded and edited plus a number of voice mail testimonials.

You can view and listen to the information below in any order but I would suggest that you start with the DWG announcement, then listen or view the rest in any order that you want. You may also chose to listen or view only a few of the subjects below. A few of the teleconference may seem a bit long but you must ask yourself, how much time are you willing to invest to learn about a new product or a new technique to make more money? Continuous learning is an important part of all business practices. Steven Cove teaches us that you must remember to sharpen the saw or your business will go dull. This web page is a great chance for you to sharpen the saw in the DWG Business.

I would love to talk to you when you have questions, if you would like to talk to me at any time, you can reach me on my toll free number at 877-606-8032.

Thanks for listening and I am looking forward to speaking with you shortly.

Tony Stafford

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DWG International ULTRA-ION™ Introduction Release Document
This document contain all of the DWG International official release information about the ULTRA-ION™ product. It is a great reference document.

DWG "ULTRA-ION™ Introduction Conference Call" July 14, 2003
DWG International™ is the first company in it's industry to adapt to changes with a technology that allows every one of it's Distributors to boldly enter move into the 21st century...Introducing DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™.

52 minutes 59 seconds

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DWG ULTRA-ION™ Training Conference Call, July 31, 2003
DWG International ULTRA-ION™ Training Call hosted by Kevin Kutter with speakers Drew Earl, Rod Yanke, and Jim Adams as well as special guests Steve Hill, Glen Azumi, and David Hull.
This a comprehensive call with everything you need to know about the ULTRA-ION™ product that is the best new automotive care product in the world today.
74 minutes 30seconds

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Rod Yanke introduces ULTRA-ION™ and Glen Azumi shares the excitement. 3 minutes 56 seconds

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Rod Yanke talks about the new ULTRA-ION™, working with car dealerships and encourages everyone to go out let everyone know about the new product. This is a 2 part message.
4 minutes 39 second & 4 minutes 45 second

Tony Stafford talks about his experience with ULTRA-ION™ and his Studebaker Granturismo Hawk. 1 minutes 9 seconds
Don Smith on putting ULTRA-ION™ to the test.
3 minutes 56 seconds
Steve Hill on ULTRA-ION™ and water spots in hot temperature.
1 minutes 58 seconds
David Hull says he can't keep the product in the trunk or on the shelf. 1 minutes 52 seconds

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Chris Bouling on ULTRA-ION and car dealerships.
2 minutes 35 seconds
Rolinda Harris shares her excitement.1 minutes 43 seconds
Laurie Pauluck shares her ULTRA-ION™ experience.
3 minutes 12 seconds
Paul Barrera shares his experience with ULTRA-ION and the High Profile Table. 1 minutes 20 seconds

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