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Welcome to the DriWashCity High Profile Table Training Page

The High Profile Table,
The Greatest Business Building Tool Delivered by DWG International
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Hello everyone from DriWashCity and the City of Dreams. DWG International in 2003 is committed to making everyone as successful in the Dri Wash business as they want to be. To that end, they have created a tool that everyone can use and everyone can see themselves doing the business using this tool. I am talking about the DWG High Profile Table. Distributors are earning profits of $20, $30, $50 and as high as $70 per hour with the table.

I can spend a lot of time telling you about it but you would get a lot more out of viewing and listing to a number of teleconference I have recorded and edited plus a number of voice mail testimonials.

Please begin by viewing the short introduction. A few of the teleconference may seem a bit long but you must ask yourself, how much time are you willing to invest to learn a new technique to make more money? Continuous learning is an important part of all business practices. Steven Covey teaches us that you must remember to sharpen the saw or your business will go dull. This web page is a great chance for you to sharpen the saw in the DWG Business.

I would love to talk to you when you have question, if you would like to talk to me any time, you can reach me on my toll free number at 877-606-8032. If you decide to join the DriWashCity and the City of Dreams High Profile Team by ordering a High Profile Table, I will send you a team member pin.

Thanks for listening and I am looking forward to speaking with you shortly.

Tony Stafford

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Overview and Introduction. Narrated by Tony Stafford
4 minutes 27 seconds

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DWG International "High Profile Table, June 2003
This teleconference introduces the new DWG International "High Profile Table." Similar programs in other companies have increased sales thousands of times over and created large organizations.
53 minutes 28 seconds

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DWG International "High Profile Table Training Call, July 2003
This teleconference provides an indepth training on the High Profile Table. After viewing this teleconference, you will be able to go out, operate the table and be an expert.
91 minutes 25 seconds
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Jim Adams, announcing that until further notice, anyone purchasing the high profile table will get a case of PB10 free and shipped free. 2 minutes 44 seconds

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Kevin Kutter shares the experiences with the Table in Hawaii. 3 minutes 1 seconds

Glen Azumi shares tips on the approach and the close when using the table. 1 minutes 3 seconds
Kevin Kutter, speaks about how DWG is different than other companies. 1 minutes 3 seconds
Chris Bouling, talked about the sponsoring from the table. 1 minutes 43 seconds
Rolinda Harris, talks about how the table is empowering. 3 minutes 4 seconds

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Jim Adams and Steve Hill talk about the recruiting from the Table. 2 minutes 21 seconds
Jim Adams and Laurie Pollok on the best High Profile Table message to date. 2 minutes 58 seconds
Jim Adams and Glen Azumi on the next best message to date. 1 minutes 40 seconds
Summary. Narrated by Tony Stafford.
2 minutes 8 seconds
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