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Welcome to the DriWashCity Newsletter Page

Welcome to the Newsletter Page for the "The Citizen" From the City of Dreams. A Stafford Distributorship Newsletter, Independent Distributors for DWG International™. The Citizen is written quarterly to help distributors of all types. We hope you find the articles useful and feel free to duplicate the articles to use in your business.

It is with great pleasure that we share these newsletters with you.

Volume / Issue
Inside This Issue


Volume 6
Issue 1
1-Editors Message, 1-Humans Exist Through Conversation, 2-Great Product Pricing for the Holidays, 3-Director Upgrade, Save Now & in the Future, 3-DWG International Conference , 3-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!e, 4-Important Conference call Changes, 4-Closing. December 2006
Volume 5
Issue 1
1-Editors Message, 1-Getting To Director, 2-Returning Directors Program, 2-DWG International Conference, 3-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 4-Are You Getting Everything You Are Due, 5-Leaders Corner, a Message To You, 6-Closing. December 2005
Volume 4
Issue 1
1-Editor's Message, 1-Winners of the Recruiting Contest, 2-Its as Easy as Childs Play, Thanks You Card, 2-Its as Easy as Childs Play, New Distributor, 2-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 2-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 3-Confirmation Card, 3-New Recruiting Tool, 4-Using the Web Site to Bring in New Distributors, 4-Holiday Gifts, 4-Book of the Month Club, 4-Special Thanks. October 2004
Volume 3
Issue 1

1-Editor's Message, 1-Surprise Inside, 1-High Profile Table Team, 2-New “City of Dreams” Leadership Call, 2-Free Referral, Program, 2-Special Thanks, 3-Annual Renewals. Do It Now!!!, 3-Prepare to be Wowed!!!, 4-8 Leaders Corner, 9+ DWG Announcements. 1.2M, December 2003

Volume 2
Issue 1
1-Editor's Message, 1-Special Thanks, 1-December Specials, 2-Annual Renewals, 2-Free Referral Program, 3-5 Dollars Per Month Web Pages, 3-What Business Are You In???, 4-Leaders Corner, 7-Holiday Special Flyer. 423K. December 2002
Volume 1
Issue 3
1-All Aboard, 1-Power Blast for the Home, 1-Editors Message, 2-Leaders Corner, 4-What Business Are You In???," 4-Returning Directors Program, 5-Up Coming Events, 6-DWG Divisional Coordinators. 154K, December 2001
Volume 1
Issue 2
1-All Aboard, 2-Editors Message, 3-Leaders Corner, Wayne Rollins, 4-A call to Leadership, 5-What's in a Sample, 6-Returning Director Program, 7-Up Coming Events, 8-DWGI Messages. 152K. September 2001
Volume 1
Issue 1
1-All Aboard, 2-Leaders Corner, 3-"Simply the Best," 4-Knowing Your Distributor's Goals, 5-Communication For Success, 6-Could You Be Convicted, 7-Up Coming Events, 8-DWGI Messages. 154K. May 2001
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