2004 DWG Freedom Unit Vacation to Jamaica

Just a few pictures to show you what it might be like next year
when you join the DWG Freedom Unit Vacation Team.

Hello from Julie, Ken & Morgen May along with Leonette & Tony Stafford and everyone from the DWG Freedom Unit Vacation Group in Jamaica!!! The only thing missing is you. Next year you too can joining the DWG group on the Freedom Unit Vacation to Porta Viorta Mexico. Be on the Leadership call on Wednesday April 14, 2004 and learn how to win this incredible trip. The call will be at 6:00 PM Pacific time and the number to call is 646-519-5815 OR 212-461-5815 with code 2255#

Tony & Leonette Stafford
Ken, Morgen & Julie May

Beautiful Jamaican Sunset
Jamaican Fire Dancer

Hi! From the DWG Freedom
Unit Vacation